Public Service Announcement – FCC Broadband Map Challenge Process

The FCC, as part of the development of new broadband maps, has requested that the public submit necessary challenges to pre-production draft maps, which are now available on the FCC website.
The public can view the maps by visiting and search for their address to see information about the fixed and mobile services that internet providers report are available there. If the fixed internet services shown are not available at the user’s location, they may file a challenge with the FCC directly through the map interface to correct the information. Map users will also be able correct information about their location and add their location to the map if it is missing. The draft map will also allow users to view the mobile wireless coverage reported by cellular service providers.

Why is this important?

These updated maps will directly tie to the allocation of billions of dollars across the nation, based upon the needs show by the maps. Presently, funding through the federal government is waiting to be distributed to U.S. States and territories. Following the completion of these maps, funds will be distributed based upon the needs reflected in the FCC maps. If unserved/underserved communities are not accurately represented on the maps, it may impact the amount of federal funding available for future broadband infrastructure projects.
The deadline to complete a challenge is January 13th, 2023.

How do I submit a challenge?

Below are step-by-step instructions to submit a challenge on a PC. Mobile devices can also be used to make a submission.

Challenges can be made by visiting the FCC website. Visit and search your address in the search bar. Once your search results are displayed, you must modify the “Fixed Broadband Settings,” which can be done by clicking on the cogwheel on the right side of the page. Ensure “All wired and licensed Fixed Wireless” and “25/3” are selected under “Technologies” and “Speed (Mbps),” respectively. Once complete, your address will be displayed by either a green dot (served) or a red dot (not served). If your address is red, you do not need to submit a challenge. If your address is green, you can submit a challenge.

To submit the challenge, click “Availability Challenge” under the Selected Location. Then, select the provider you wish to submit the challenge under. We recommend selecting the provider with the highest Mbps speeds displayed.

Next, scroll down and select “Send my challenge to the selected provider.” Complete the remaining information, certify your answers, and click “Submit.” This will complete the challenge process.

Step-by-step instructions, as well as a video-tutorial, are available on the CCEDC website if you require assistance navigating these steps:

We recognize that this process to submit a challenge may be difficult, either due to a lack of internet or the complexity of navigating the FCC website. For those able, please offer help to those in your community to ensure their challenges are submitted. The CCEDC office can also be contacted if you need assistance – 814-226-9045.