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Clarion County, Pennsylvania has so much to offer growing companies — and we’re your single source for everything that matters to you. Clarion County Economic Development Corporation is here to support companies by connecting them with the many types of resources they need to grow and thrive.

Whether you’re interested in bringing a new facility to Clarion County, are a local company that’s ready to grow or move to another location, or are an entrepreneur preparing to launch a startup, we’re here to provide the support and connections you need to succeed.

We’re also happy to answer your questions about any aspect of business and life in Clarion County. From helping you identify the right community for your needs to finding the perfect site for your project, we’ll pull everything together on your behalf. Just contact us and let us know what you need, and we’ll go to work for you!



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Jarred Heuer, Executive Director

Jarred Heuer is the Executive Director of the Clarion County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC).  Since joining the CCEDC in 2019, Jarred has been responsible for the overall implementation of the CCEDC’s 2030 Economic Development Strategy, with chief focuses on broadband development, industry sector partnerships, main street revitalization, and tourism promotion.  Given Clarion County’s rural nature, leadership development and capacity-building are at the forefront of Jarred’s priorities for Clarion County and are integrated into the CCEDC’s implementation of its strategic goals.
Since 2021, Jarred has been directly involved obtaining over $4.5 million in public and private funds toward a variety of Clarion County projects.
Jarred grew up in Rockland County, NY, in the New York City metropolitan area.  Prior to joining the CCEDC, Jarred worked in management of Business Development for a non-profit in Philadelphia, PA.  He also served as a Community Developer for his local neighborhood, engaging with state, civic, and business leaders to elevate the community.   Jarred earned his B.A. degree in Economic Development from Eastern University in 2012.  He and his wife, Courtney, now live in Knox, PA with their daughter, Rosalie, and son, Benjamin.


Hind Karns, Tourism Director

Hind Karns currently serves as the Tourism Director at Clarion County Economic Development (CCEDC), having joined the organization in November 2023. In this role, she is tasked with developing and implementing strategic operations for CCEDC’s tourism development and promotion activities.

Born in Lebanon, Hind spent 21 years living and working in the United Arab Emirates before relocating to the United States with her family in 2021. As a versatile business leader and entrepreneur, she brings a wealth of real-world international experience and a broad creative perspective to her work. Hind has a proven track record of excelling in fast-paced environments, collaborating with cross-functional and multicultural teams, and contributing to both private and public sectors across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

Hind’s expertise spans strategic planning and development, marketing and communications, capacity building, change management, stakeholder engagement, and event planning. She has also institutionalized processes and systems related to project monitoring, impact assessment, and resource optimization. Prior to joining CCEDC, she managed her own business consulting office in Venango County, organized and executed the Drake Energy Security Conference in 2022 and 2023.

Hind holds a baccalaureate in Commercial Sciences from Women Christian College, Beirut, Lebanon (1997), a co-active coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute, Dubai, UAE (2013), and an executive business management diploma from Columbia University, School of Business, NY (2017). Hind currently resides in Oil City with her husband Jeff and their son Alex.


Eric Funk, Community Development Coordinator

Eric Funk, Jr. is the Community Development Coordinator (CDC) for the Clarion County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC). He serves as a key piece of the CCEDC’s efforts to promote economic development through community revitalization and redevelopment. Eric acts as a full-time liaison between the many small communities throughout the county, aiming to plan development projects, build local capacity, and funnel in outside investment.

Eric grew up in Clarion and moved to Los Angeles to attend The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts, where he obtained degrees in Vocal Performance and Acting. He then traveled all over the world teaching music to children and performing. His travels led him all over Asia, Europe, and North America. Eric became the Director of Production at The Young Americans and oversaw all creative and technical aspects of their shows and tours. Eric returned to Clarion in the Fall of 2023 after nearly eight years in CA to be near family and get involved in his hometown community he loves.



Rachel Bennett, Executive Assistant

Rachel Bennett, our Executive Assistant/Office Manager, joined our team in the spring of 2024 at the Clarion County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC). With a strong proficiency in creativity, problem solving and organization, she is excited to apply her skills to be a part of a team with strong goals, a purpose and a great community.
Born and raised in Clarion County, Rachel attended Keystone School District before joining the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. While attending the Young Americans, Rachel traveled around the world to Asia, Europe, Canada, all around the continental United States and completed her certification. After the Young Americans, she returned to Pennsylvania and worked locally & remotely; as well as jumping into the local music scene with her various bands. Currently she resides in her hometown of Knox, PA, where she lives with her family and her two adorable disabled cats, Micha & Robby.