Within a day’s truck drive of half of America’s population

More than 429,000 workers who respect the value of hard work

Restful, comfortable living in a scenic wonderland


Clarion County, Pennsylvania is within a one-day truck drive of more than 153 million consumers who represent nearly half of the population of the United States. Halfway between New York City and Chicago on transcontinental Interstate 80 (with six interchanges, plus north-south I-79 immediately to the west), and with a local airport that can accommodate business jets, Clarion County gives businesses rapid and affordable access to materials, suppliers, and markets.

For generations, Clarion County’s residents have made manufacturing facilities productive.   They have operated farms and harvested the region’s abundant woodlands.   Growing up in an atmosphere that expects, and respects hard work has established in the locals a work ethic that’s second to none. The thirteen counties that make up Clarion County’s labor shed are home to more than 429,000 of those hard-working individuals.

But there’s so much more to Clarion County than convenience and hard work. We’re one of those rare places where people still greet each other on picturesque small-town streets and enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings during all four seasons. Local residents appreciate the area’s affordable housing, low-cost utilities, remarkably low taxes, and excellent public schools that provide an outstanding education. Add in the scenic 8,500-acre Cook Forest State Park and the breathtaking beauty of the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers, and it’s clear that Clarion County offers a delightful way of life to residents and visitors alike.