Within a day’s truck drive of half of America’s population

Clarion County, Pennsylvania is within a one-day truck drive of more than 153 million consumers who represent nearly half of the population of the United States. Located midway between New York City and Chicago and bisected by transcontinental Interstate 80 (with north-south I-79 immediately to the west), Clarion County gives businesses rapid and affordable access to materials, suppliers, and markets. In particular, automotive component manufacturers will be within a day of many of North America’s busiest OEM assembly plants.

This central location also places Clarion County in the middle of a remarkably large and diverse labor shed. The thirteen counties that make up that resource within 50 miles are home to more than 429,000 hard-working individuals, ensuring a steady supply of people for growing companies.

If your company uses waterways or ocean shipping to secure materials or deliver finished products, you’ll appreciate the convenience of nearby lake, river, and deepwater ports. We’re a short truck drive from the docks in Erie, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore. And if air operations are part of your business plan, Clarion County Airport (KAXQ) accommodates business jets with a 5,003-foot (1,525-meter) runway and jet fuel. Commercial transport to the nation and the globe is available within driving distance in Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, and Cleveland.