Restful, comfortable living in a scenic wonderland

Clarion County, Pennsylvania is one of those places people imagine when they think about a relaxing, comfortable pace of life — a place where people greet each other on picturesque small-town streets and enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings during all four seasons. Besides the charming landscapes and friendly neighbors, local residents appreciate the area’s low cost of living, thanks to affordable housing, economical utilities, and remarkably low taxes. The county’s public schools provide an outstanding education, crime rates are quite low, and the excitement and amenities of big cities are just a short drive away.

But you don’t have to take that drive very often, because Clarion’s downtown is a thriving business center that boasts an impressive collection of shops, restaurants, and other popular spots such as craft breweries. The community and the surrounding area reflect the strong faith of local residents with a variety of friendly, welcoming churches. Top-quality healthcare is also available close to home with the 70-bed Clarion Hospital, a regional healthcare provider that benefits from Clarion University’s highly regarded nursing and allied healthcare programs.

And when it’s time for fun, Clarion County has plenty to offer. There’s the scenic 8,500-acre Cook Forest State Park and the breathtaking beauty of the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers, which form the perfect setting for all sorts of outdoor recreation. On any given day, you’ll see kayaking, fishing, cycling, hiking, swimming, and more. Add in seasonal attractions, such as when thousands of people come to our area to enjoy the Autumn Leaf Festival at the peak of fall’s colorful display, and it’s clear that Clarion County offers a delightful way of life to residents and visitors alike.