A longtime manufacturing center focused on innovative ideas

Clarion County, Pennsylvania has developed a long, rich history of crafting the products needed by a growing nation. Raised in an atmosphere where hard work is both expected and respected, our area’s residents have developed a work ethic that’s second to none.

Add in our location, midway between New York and Chicago ontranscontinental Interstate 80, with north-south I-79 just to the west, and within a one-day truck drive of more than 153 million hungry consumers who represent nearly half of the population of the United States, and you have the ideal site for manufacturing components for other products. In particular, automotive component manufacturers will be within a day of many of North America’s busiest OEM assembly plants.  Plus, our skilled workforce and abundance of woodlands makes our area a center for the manufactured housing industry.

Our state’s natural gas resources and the construction of Shell’s ethane cracking facility in nearby Monaca make us a prime location for the manufacture of polyethylene, plastics, polymers, and other chemical products. In addition to natural gas, our local utilities have plenty of capacity and rates that are remarkably low.

The thirteen counties that make up our large and diverse labor shed are home to more than 429,000 hard-working individuals, ensuring a steady supply of people whose knowledge is continually being sharpened by a wealth of education and training programs feeding directly into the workforce pipeline, with a focus on advancing skills in industrial arts, woodworking, engineering, metal fabrication, welding, CNC operation, maintenance, industrial technology, and other areas of study.

Clarion County’s Major Employers