Broadband Efforts Move Forward – CCEDC Selects Design Nine, launches survey

The Clarion County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) has selected Design Nine to implement the Clarion County Connected Broadband Engineering Plan.

Design Nine, Inc. of Blacksburg, VA, Design Nine will analyze existing broadband assets in the counties including those offered by local telecom service providers, cable companies and government organizations that provide communications services through schools and first responders. The company will analyze the types of broadband services available, broadband use patterns and gaps in existing coverage, and make recommendations to the counties as to how to improve service.

Public Call to Action – Residential and Business Surveys

A key part of the Design Nine data collection process is public surveys from both businesses and residents regarding their current broadband connections. Residential and business surveys are now available to the public at several locations throughout the county, as well as online. These results from these surveys will provide detailed map of broadband usage and coverage data needed to complete the study. The survey period ends August 12th, 2022.

Online surveys can be found by visiting the CCEDC’s website, at

Paper-copy surveys can be found at public libraires in Clarion, Foxburg, Knox, New, Bethlehem, and Rimersburg.  Please contact the CCEDC directly to request a paper-copy – 814-226-9045.

The study will serve to guide the implementation of a modern broadband network for the County.  It will also provide the standards necessary for Clarion County to apply to state, federal and non-governmental funding agencies.

About the Broadband Engineering Plan

In October 2021, the CCEDC was awarded a $50,000 Area Development Grant through the Appalachian Regional Commission to fund the Clarion County Connected Broadband Engineering Plan. This grant, matched by the Clarion County Commissioners, will produce a “roadmap” for deploying broadband where it is most needed, thereby facilitating remote learning, telemedicine, access to e-commerce, employer recruitment and retention, and the ability for residents to telecommute.  The data gathered will provide the knowledge needed to help local leaders and stakeholders make prudent decisions about the next steps required to expand broadband access in Clarion County. With broadband connectivity becoming a national conversation, this Engineering Plan will lend credibility to future funding opportunities as they become available.

The Clarion County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit organization in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. We support the local economy by attracting wealth-generating companies to the region and by connecting local businesses with resources they need to grow and thrive.