CCEDC Stands in Favor of Vaccination

The Clarion County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) stands in favor of vaccination and supports our medical community in its efforts to offer COVID-19 vaccines.

This past year has been one of unprecedented struggle, as COVID-19 has touched our lives and communities in myriad ways. The tragic loss of life during this ongoing, international pandemic was, and will remain, the greatest injury any community can bear, and the CCEDC grieves with those who have lost loved ones to this horrific disease.
Likewise, the CCEDC has seen, felt, and heard how the economic disruptions caused by COVID-19 have brought unparalleled difficulty to our local businesses. “Whether business owners contracted the virus or not, they all fell victim to COVID-19’s ability to topple markets and decrease consumer confidence” states Jarred Heuer, CCEDC Economic Development Specialist. “We have stood alongside our local business community throughout this economic crisis, and we remain committed to supporting all businesses in Clarion County as we work together to bring economic restoration in our region.”

One way to foster economic recovery is by getting vaccinated. “These vaccines have shown incredible efficacy at protecting our loved ones and communities from COVID-19,” said Steven Davis, President of Clarion Hospital and CCEDC Board Director. “Even with millions vaccinated, adverse events from vaccination remain extremely rare. These vaccines represent the best way to get our economies safely back to the state we all want.”

Just as the COVID-19 vaccine will reduce and eventually eliminate the threat of contracting the virus, it too will restore the confidence that consumers and producers can have in buying and selling. Milissa Bauer, VP of Kriebel Companies and Secretary/Treasurer of CCEDC, said, “Getting vaccinated facilitates us in getting out into our communities, going to our local restaurants and stores, and resuming normal activities in a safe manner.” Bauer added, “prior to becoming vaccinated, I applied the same analytics when I was concerned about my child receiving a vaccination. I talked to my doctors and asked if they vaccinated their children and loved ones. In all cases, I was given a resounding “yes”. Therefore, after researching the COVID-19 vaccines, we discussed it as a family and we all felt very comfortable in getting it. This is a personal choice, but based on the scientific information available and local physicians’ opinions, it is the best solution.”

We, at the CCEDC, have heartfelt recognition of the hesitation that many have toward receiving the vaccine. We also recognize the success that the vaccine has already achieved, both in reducing COVID-19’s spread and restoring the vitality of business communities everywhere. “The Clarion County business community deserves to thrive. Now that the vaccine is available to all Pennsylvanians over the age of 16, it is our hope Clarion County residents will choose to vaccinate” states Shannon Barrios, CCEDC Executive Director. “In collaboration with the Clarion Hospital, the Clarion County Commissioners and other County staff have done a superb job of setting up an efficient vaccine center right here in Clarion County, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing service. The process is simple and quick, and appointments are available immediately.”

To schedule your vaccination appointment, go to and click on the green banner at the top of the page or call the Clarion Hospital COVID-19 Vaccine Line at 814-223-4157. Also, for those with uncertain schedules, walk-ins are also welcome during the clinic hours.

The Clarion County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit organization in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. We support the local economy by attracting wealth-generating companies to the region and by connecting local businesses with resources they need to grow and thrive.